Global Woman Highlight | Liane Jagger

My name is Liane Jagger. I always wanted to serve God cross culturally but the timing was never quite right until retirement. So here I am as a finisher, starting a post-career career teaching in Maputo, Mozambique at Christian Academy in Mozambique for One Mission Society. I have the privilege of teaching music and drama from kindergarten to grade 12, to global worker and international families seeking an English education.

God is moving in Mozambique. Although it’s one of the poorest countries in the world, every time I drive down our sandy road I see improvements in the neighborhood and people dressed a little better, despite the gloomy world economic outlook and the barely stable government. I’m allowed to witness my students growing in wisdom and truth, and developing their skills which will one day influence this country for God. I support global workers who might not be here if there was no education for their children.

Please pray that I find appropriate materials to build a home culture for my students. Pray that I have the energy and focus to contribute to their life goals. Pray that I have clarity for how long I am meant to serve here.


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