Home is…

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Home is…
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Home is…


I am in the air.

I am neither here or there.

Home is where I´m headed.  Home is where I left.

Suspended somewhere in the clouds between my two homes;

The two places that hold my heart.

One holds the family that taught me to love;

The other the family God gifted to me and expanded my heart to love.

One family created me;

One family chose me.

Gravity is pulling and my heart feels torn.

Flying from one home to another.

Home is where I´m headed.

Home is where I left.

I am neither here or there.

I am in the air.


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Jessie's heart's desire is that every kid would know that they are loved, known, valued, and desired fiercely by Jesus. She also considers it a life goal to demonstrate to teenagers that Jesus is anything other than boring. Jessie likes to play ultimate frisbee, read, eat carmel popcorn at the movie theater, watch crime shows, and just hang out with friends. She lives in San Jose, Costa Rica where she has served with Young Life for the past ten years.

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