My name is Renee Delorenzo. I grew up in Oklahoma. After becoming a Christian at a church camp at the age of eight, my family and I stopped going to church. Therefore, it wasn’t until college that I really grew in my knowledge of Jesus as Lord of my life and not just as my Savior. I quickly came to the point that I wanted to live for Him and not just for myself. During college, I took a semester off to do ministry in the mountains of Tennessee – there I met a group of students attending Moody Bible Institute’s Aviation Program. God opened my eyes to global work through these students and eventually I ended up marrying one of them.

My husband, Mike, and I have been working with Africa Inland Mission in Nairobi, Kenya since 1997. We have recently transitioned to AIM’s home office in Georgia. God uses my husband’s ability to capture stories of what He is doing to encourage the church, and my ability to listen to other’s stories to encourage them. I am glad that God designed us all differently, yet uses the gifts of all of us to work together as a complete unit. I have two teenagers, Amelia and Zach, who are adjusting to life in America after living their whole lives on the field. Pray for me as I stand with them and try to teach them how to have compassion and love for those in the world while standing firm in their faith.


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