Tracy has been serving in Asia and Africa for 33 years. Professionally she is a Physician Assistant.  She is able to get into closed countries with her medical credentials.  Her heart is to evangelize, disciple, and plant churches.  She and her team currently minister in Mozambique.  The ministry includes an orphan infant feeding program/clinic that has saved over 4,000 babies to date.  They have built schools for children and done various humanitarian projects that give them access into villages where they then plant churches.  See

After the civil-war, Mozambique was declared by the World Bank as the poorest country in the world.  Then nation-wide flooding decimated what was left. Tracy developed a team and an organization that reached out to the orphan infants who were perishing once their mothers died. There was no other source of milk.  She imported formula and developed a primary care program with local care-givers. This emerged into a thriving ministry that has impacted thousands.  Favor was gained among both the people and the government.  Her team was then able to evangelize and plant churches in the villages in which they worked.

Please pray for protection and provision for global workers and the Mozambicans they serve.


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