Global Woman Highlight | Fredda Alston

My name is Fredda Alston. I was raised in an observant Reformed Jewish home and became a Christian when I was 27. At the time, I was a practicing attorney. Shortly after my coming to know the Lord, a woman in my church told me that I would be a global worker. I laughed in her face. About 1 1/2 years later I met my future husband. He had been called to global work long before we met. Before we became engaged he told me I would have to be a global worker. He had to wait, but I received my call about four years later. We have since served in the Philippines for thirty years.

Although we have been administrators at Bible colleges and are now pastors, our hearts have always been in church planting. Most of our church plants have been in the province of Eastern Samar. The people of Samar are called Waray Waray and when we first arrived they were an unreached people group.  Most recently we have been working with a short term global worker, who has established 10 learning centers in Eastern Samar and Tacloban City, Leyte, to train church planter pastors and disciple church members. We are also interim pastors for a Chinese church in Manila and interim business managers of our field office.

Over the years we have seen many accept the Lord. Since 2003, we have prayed to plant churches in the mountains of Eastern Samar. Now, our students have answered the prayers by planting 2 churches in remote mountain areas where there have never been churches.

You can pray for me/us:

  1. I have MS and it is becoming more difficult to move. Pray for my healing.
  1. That we will be able to accommodate more students, as about 800 more have shown interest in taking classes.
  1. That the new church plants (including one in a suburb of Manila) will be lighthouses and many will come to know the Lord; that the pastors will receive adequate support and work diligently and wisely.



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