My name is Erin and I’ve had the privilege of doing ministry in South Brazil for 10 years now. Before coming to Brazil, I worked at a Scioto Hills Christian Camp in Ohio, as secretary at my home church, and as a part-time chemistry teacher.  God has blessed me with a great friends in both the USA and Brazil and I am very thankful for my loving family – especially the addition of my adorable nephew and niece in the last few years. I serve with ABWE as a Church Planting Assistant which includes things such as youth, children’s and women’s ministries, worship teaching and leading, English, secretarial duties, etc.  I’m currently assisting with a brand new Bible study group, called Logos, that we hope to see turn into a church in the near future.  As part of the outreach of this ministry we also opened “The Hangout,” a coffee-house in which we seek to share Christ and His love as we share coffee and sweets.

It has been a real blessing to see how God has been bringing people to our Bible study and “The Hangout” in the last few months.  One such story is Carlos.  About 4 months ago he came to our game night (board games) with a friend.  He told me right away “I can tell that you are a religious person, but just to let you know, most Brazilians really look down on religion these days”.  After several months of games and lots of cookies and coffee, he is now showing an interest in spiritual things.  He has participated in a few discussions that included the Gospel, asked for a Bible to start reading, and has said that he would like to come to our Bible study because he now has some questions.

Please be praying for Carlos’ salvation as well as the salvation of several other people with whom we have contact each week.  Please pray that I will consistently be a good example of God’s love and grace to those that I work with at “The Hangout” and Logos and that His love completely transforms my life.



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