Global Woman Highlight | Courtney McCutcheon

Hi, I’m Courtney McCutcheon. As I write this, I’m looking out at a California sun, far away from the place where I’ve served as in East Asia as a Children’s Education Facilitator for the past several years. This means I did whatever I could to support parents and their children through the winding web of education on the field. Primarily, I opened the second branch of the Modular Study Group (MSG) program, to provide a new option for families living in remote areas with secondary-age students, and I was the Interim-Principal for a small Learning Center.

When I left the field last September, I didn’t know whether I would be returning. I’d reached a point of intense burnout and needed time to seek the Lord, time to listen. As I came to a full-stop, suddenly void of all responsibility, I entered a season in which our Father made it clear that the work I had been a part of in Asia was no longer mine to do, and that it was time to come home. This season continues to be a time for Him to realign my foundations, and teach me how to humbly listen, trust, and obey.

Please pray for me as I continue to battle with the spiritual/mental/emotional rollercoaster that is re-entry, and that I might even be a blessing to my parents and friends as we become, in a sense, reacquainted. Also, please ask that I would fully surrender and trust as I apply for jobs and seek the next step(s). Perhaps most importantly, please pray for the teachers and friends that I left behind with the wonderful, but ever-challenging work of TCK education.


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