My name is Betsy. I’m a mother of two amazing children and live in Zagreb, Croatia. My husband and I have lived in Croatia for 5 years now and previously lived in France for almost a year. Our oldest (10) has lived more than 1/2 his life abroad, and our youngest (4) was born in Budapest, Hungary and is being raised in Croatia. I love to write, preach, counsel others, and in my down time, I love to knit and create art projects for our home.

I am a church planting pastor, in the process of ordination, and am an academic mentor to two young seminary students. My husband and I help run a non-profit organization that seeks to build up the spiritual, cultural, moral, and social values in society.

A passion God has given me in ministry is supporting women, so I’m thrilled that we have just started a monthly event to promote and support women’s initiatives in holistic ways. I see how God is using this event for women to encourage other women, support their ideas, and to be connected to each other, so as to draw strength from each other.

  1. I find it difficult to manage all that is on my plate, as a wife, mom, global worker, pastor, friend, etc.
  2. Please pray for our family as we are on a three month journey this summer to the US to visit churches share stories of how God is moving in Croatia.


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