My name is Tiffany and my husband and I, with our three children, have spent the past 6 years in Papua New Guinea as tribal church planters and Bible translators. We have lived among a people group that make their home deep in a swamp-filled valley.  We have had the great honor of partnering with believers from an earlier church plant to reach a neighboring language group. After several years of language study, literacy development, and Bible translation, we were thrilled to take part in the Gospel being preached among these people for the first time in their own heart language.  It was amazing to watch God work. Now there are many men, women, and children trusting in Christ as their Redeemer. They have hope! As is true with all babies, the work has really just begun. Now that a new church has been born, there is much work to be done in teaching and discipling the believers as well as continued work in Bible translation. We also look forward to growing in our faith as we trust the Lord to be our strength in this ministry.

Besides homeschooling my three children and trying to keep house in the jungle where the spiders seem to be winning the battle, I also have the privilege of working alongside my husband in the work of Bible translation, discipling the women in the village and encouraging them in God’s precious truth. I would greatly appreciate prayer as I seek to honor the Lord in each of these roles and also seek to put Him first in my own heart. When so much is clamoring for my attention, I desire to not lose Christ as my first love and as the source of my joy. We are currently on home assignment and pray to return in a few months refreshed and ready to walk the path He has set before us.


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