Thursday, we began the day with worship, Bible teaching, and small group time. The afternoon was spent in self-care appointments of our guests’ choice. The evening was spent in praise and worship, then laughter. It felt good to laugh after the intensity of processing life with new friends, counselors, and prayer partners.


Today I was privileged to hold several pairs of those beautiful feet in my hands as I pampered these wonderful ladies with a pedicure. As I rubbed in the lotion, I prayed they would experience what the disciples might have felt as our Lord washed their feet, basking them in His love and grace, ministering to them for their service. What a joy to hear about their adventures around the world…serving alone or with their husbands, children born in foreign countries, assignments provided and provisions met days before deadlines, travel in and out of many countries, languages mastered through hours of study and months of struggle, losses they have suffered and sacrifices made. Our hearts joined for a brief moment in time through prayer, tears and hugs, but will be forever entwined as a result. How grateful I am for their service and for this opportunity to minister to them!

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