My husband, Darrel, and I have been serving with Baptist Mid-Missions in Northeast Brazil, since 1973.  We have two children, grown and married.  Our daughter, Joy, is married to Dirk Nicol and they live in Durham, NC.  They have three sons.  Our son, Jonathan, is married to Lisa Bartlett, and they have three sons.  They live in Hendersonville, TN.

In the past we taught in the Seminário Batista do Cariri and parented in the Girl’s Dormitory.  Currently we are involved in a church plant and after-school-enrichment-program in the neighborhood of the church.  We have an audio-visual ministry which includes writing, desktop publishing, teaching music, and participation in the making of two films.

Here is a link to a book I wrote for women, The Castle or Your Strongholds, which can be downloaded.  It is important to use the verses for meditation, along with the studies.  The book is also available in Portuguese.

Please pray for our Enrichment Program.  We are in a poor and violent neighborhood; and want to reach the children for Christ, before they become involved in the local lifestyle.  Through the children, we are reaching into the homes.


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