Wednesday, we began the day with worship, Bible teaching, and small group time. The afternoon was spent in self-care appointments of our guests’ choice. During meals, guests sat by life topics they wanted to discuss. The evening was spent in praise and worship, then free time to shop the boutique, sit in the hot tub, or eat gelato with friends!


Marriage, in the best of circumstances, takes work at times. Global workers admit their marriages have the same issues as others but additional challenges as well including few “date nights” because of minimal resources and few babysitters. It’s not easy for them to find a safe place where they can discuss their marital issues while  living in the field or on furlough. That explains why the married women love gathering for the dinner  connection  topic “Marriage: Thriving Not Just Surviving”.

The group Wednesday night wasn’t about to miss this opportunity to talk about important issues in their marriages. After some brief introductions, they wasted no time when one of the women asked the facilitator “Since you were married such a long time, how did you maintain an enjoyable and vibrant sex life?” Lots of light-hearted laughter followed and then the discussion was off and running. Struggles were shared and sincere suggestions offered as everyone contributed and connected knowing there might not be another place to discuss this very private but important issue. When women gather together in a safe place here at a Thrive retreat, they are blessed to get real answers to their tough questions…. and some silly ones too!

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