This is my third time to serve as a volunteer at a Thrive Ministry retreat, and each time I attended in the past, I longed to share the experience with one of my dear friends. It is almost impossible to put into words the range of emotions and experiences that happen over the course of the nine days volunteers are on site. I wanted some of my girlfriends to experience this sacred opportunity themselves.

A couple months ago I invited some of my friends to join me in July so I was elated when I discovered my friend Angie Bessenbacher had submitted her application to volunteer at this retreat. She wasn’t even sure what it was all about, but she trusted me when I told her that it would be a very special time of ministering to global workers. It has been so fun to watch her as she’s met and mingled with the other volunteers. She has been blessed and impressed by the previous people and the program. Our attendees arrive soon so she hasn’t even experienced the best part yet! She told me last night when she gets home she’s going to talk to the leaders in her church and the mission board about these retreats and persuade them to support this very important and needed ministry. I think her enthusiasm will be contagious and next time she will be inviting a girlfriend to join us!

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