Today we pray for…

Attendees: Jill R., Renee, Erin, and Jen


I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10).


Dear Heavenly Father,

We are days away from the volunteers’ arrival at the retreat site. A few days after that, the attendees will arrive. Women come to the retreat from the settings of their real lives which are sometimes, oftentimes, messy. Some will come with deep spiritual needs. Some will arrive broken from relationship or work trauma. Some will come burnt out. Some will wonder what in the world they were thinking when they signed up to come.

We believe You have personally arranged for each volunteer and attendee to be at the retreat. We are confident that You know the state of each woman’s heart. You know Your plans to meet each woman where she really is and draw her deeper to Yourself. We are confident that You are dreaming and planning for each attendee and volunteer to experience Your refreshing and to be renewed and restored during her time at the retreat.

So, Dear Heavenly Father, please do just that; restore, renew, refresh each woman at her point of need. May each attendee and volunteer arrive with hope that she will see You, hear from You, and be touched with Your love while she is at the retreat. Whether from a position of giving or receiving, may each woman be restored to the abundant life You sent Jesus to give her.

Few countries can match the two decades (1978-1998) of suffering that the Central American country of Nicaragua has endured. Yet in spite of death squads and natural disasters, many have turned to Jesus as their hope and rock in a painful world. The evangelical church grew from 2% in 1960 to 30% today. We pray that the Christian community serve the poor wisely and help heal the wounds of a bloody past that still smolders.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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