Hi, my name is Cindy and I have been a global worker for over 25 years. I have mainly served in the US, India, Sudan, and Kenya.  My ministries have varied greatly from youth ministry, church planting, community development, and now member care.  I prefer rural environments and love nature.  God’s creativity in His creation never ceases to amaze me.

I grew up with no plans to travel and little desire to be around lots of people.  Now, I look back at what a change God has made in my life to having set up house in 5 different countries and ministered to countless number of people.  I have been on two pioneering teams despite that not matching my personality.  It has been Him working through me in every bit that He has asked me to do.

I have the pleasure of helping people through the tough times that they face on the field.  Being a listening ear, praying with others, debriefing them when needed and giving them a fresh way of looking at things.  One of the greatest pleasures is helping reconnect them with the Lord and letting Him heal their hurts.  I work with both national and international global workers serving in East Africa.

I love seeing God love on people when they expect Him to come down on them.  I am often asking the Lord to reveal lies someone is believing and when they give those lies to Him we ask what He gives in return and His answer is always exactly what they need to hear.  It is so great to watch their responses and see how quickly defenses drop when they feel His love and acceptance.  As global workers we often put expectations on ourselves and suffer trying to meet them when God cares more about us than what we do.

Pray for more people to join me as the requests are more than I can do on my own.  Pray for me to stay balanced even in busy seasons.  Pray especially for balance between training others up and helping those in need.



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