Day 3 | 30 Days of Prayer | Colorado

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Day 3 | 30 Days of Prayer | Colorado
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Today we pray for…

Volunteers: Debbie, Nancy, and Angie


Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt His name together (Psalm 34:3).


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the opportunity to serve You – You alone are worthy, and we worship You. As the retreat volunteer team makes arrangements for their time away from home, family, and life’s demands, we pray for an awareness of Your provision for the things that tend to weigh most heavily in their thoughts and on their hearts – those things that can distract them from serving You well.

As both the volunteer team and the attendees make travel plans to attend the retreat, we ask that You arrange work and family schedules for those days away.

We also thank you for all the logistical decisions Thrive has made to make the retreat happen. Please help the Thrive team care for all the remaining details for the retreat. May each item that needs action be properly cared for in Your time and in Your ways.

As attendees, volunteers, or Thrive staff, help each woman see You and follow You well, as they commit their ways and plans to you.

Thailand means Land of the Free, which is tragically ironic, as the country is known for the rampant corruption that permeates society. Child abuse via prostitution and slavery plagues the country. Over 90% of the population is Buddhist, whose social and cultural web makes it very difficult to follow Jesus without family consequences. Church growth has occurred largely among those of Chinese descendants. We pray that the church and its leadership would be lights of truth as they boldly confront the social ills of the country.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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Linda Swanson serves with Paraclete as a member care provider, retreat speaker and spiritual director. She comes alongside global workers to help them be effective in life and ministry. Via Skype, Linda provides spiritual direction for global workers. With her husband, Kevin, Linda served for 28 years with MAF, both overseas as a pilot/mechanic family and at headquarters in administration and member care. During eight of those years, she helped direct Fairhaven Ministries, a retreat center for clergy and global workers. Now, Linda lives in Englewood, New Jersey where her husband is a pastor with the Evangelical Covenant Church. Their two children are married and they have two grandsons.

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