Global Woman Highlight | Cathy Unger

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Global Woman Highlight | Cathy Unger

Who am I? I’m not sure I even know! I can tell you my name, Cathy Unger. I can tell you I am married and have five children. I can tell you that from 2001-2014 my family lived and worked on Guadalcanal Island in the nation of Solomon Islands. We learned a minority language. We built relationships in the community. We raised children. While I home-schooled, my husband began training and advising local people in Bible translation. He still does that. I don’t.

We have been back in Canada almost two years now. The years designated to allow our oldest child to finish high school. My husband has been back to the Solomon Islands four times to continue the work during this time. The rest of us haven’t been back at all. Am I still a global worker or am I just married to one?

Years ago, I prayed and asked God for direction in my life. I wanted to know what He wanted me to do and where He wanted me to do it. His only answer to me was to pray for my future husband. Slowly, I came to realize that His calling on me wasn’t to a program or a place, but to a person. That calling hasn’t changed. I am called by my heavenly bridegroom to serve my earthly bridegroom. I need to faithfully put my hand to whatever is placed in front of me, wherever that happens to be. The jobs and locations have changed over the years as family responsibilities changed. They are still changing. I do not know what lies ahead and I am struggling to remember sometimes that who I am is not defined by what I do or where I do it. I know my value does not lie in my contribution to the ministry, or my proven productivity, but sometimes I don’t really believe it. Praise God, he keeps reminding me who I am in his word; I am a child of God bought with a price!



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Cathy and her husband Paul have been serving the Lengo language community of Solomon Islands through language development and Bible translation since 2001. They came back to Canada to deal with the education needs of their children and are currently transitioning from having all five children at home to having one launched in university. They continue to advise the language program from afar and pray about when to return to their country of service.

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