Global Woman Highlight |Tonia Pankova

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Global Woman Highlight |Tonia Pankova

My name is Tonia Pankova, and I live in a beautiful region of south-central Russia called Altai.  I grew up on the prairies in Canada, and back in 2002 took a huge leap of faith to start this adventurous journey.  After falling in love with our interpreter on my first trip to Moscow, Alexey and I got married a year later. Now we are parents to three amazing kids through adoption and fostering – Dima (15), Alyona (13), and Alosha (12).

My husband and I pastor our church plant, disciple new believers, and aim to influence others in our community through Christ’s love.  I also teach English in our city, and I have always enjoyed getting to know my students and sharing life with them.  We see God at work through the various open doors in the community, and how different circumstances have brought us to the right people in His timing.  Please pray for wisdom and guidance as parents, as there are many challenges in adopting older children, and pray for spiritual growth among the believers in our region.

Thank you for caring for us global women!


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Tonia is originally from the prairies in Canada, and has been living in Russia for 13 years. She and her husband, Alexey, moved to southern Siberia in 2008 and it has now become home for them. They are parents to three adopted kids, who have joined their family at various times over the last four years. They pastor a church plant and look for open doors in the community to connect with people and share life with them. Tonia loves teaching English, traveling, learning how to be a mom, listening to people's stories, good coffee, and writing.

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