I have lived in Colombia for 5 years and Brazil for the past 21 years (except a few furlough years) and we move back to the US in June. Somehow this is testing my faith, as I now feel like a foreigner in my home country.

We came to work with street kids and their families; my husband now oversees the projects of our colleagues throughout Latin America. We have six children, between 3 and 24 years old. As expected, I am an exhausted mom, and recently seem to have hit a rough time emotionally as my dad is going through cancer and declining in health. I’m not sure he’ll still be alive when we move back.

I see God at work caring for the single mom and baby who live with us (an orphan), and more personally I see God at work as I learn to trust Him to continue to care for them after we leave Brazil! So far they have no place to live after we leave, which is really stretching my faith.

Please pray for me to learn to filter out the fear, worry, and anxiety I have felt of late, and replace them with prayer and thanksgiving, for new energy and hope, and for His presence through this upcoming transition to the US.

Thank you and God bless you richly!


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