It’s here. The retreat has finally begun. We’ve anxiously awaited this day for so long. All the prayers that have been prayed and all the hands that have worked overtime will now be all the more worth it.

Before the ladies arrived, commotion rang loud. The sound of street vendors bartering, locals rustling, and the breeze in the trees all made for a great deal of noise. But there was a different noise that was created upon their entrance. The bright-eyed beauties beamed as they walked into the room. It was almost as if they were receiving what their hearts had longed for over countless years. The women signed up first for their self-care appointments. Haircuts, massages, pampering and pedicures blocked the ladies schedules full. A welcoming session was held for the ladies to get to know more about what their week is going to look like, and dinner followed strategically after. Laughter filled every conversation as each group got to know their table members. The sound of worship filled the room thereafter.

Though the commotion of daily life did not suppress, a new sound filled the hotel and radiated into the streets. Laughter broke the quiet as if it were silencing every fear. Joyful squeals enveloped and choked out all existing doubt. Prophetic encouragement flowed fluidly, as if given authority to expand the capacity of hearts. Utterances of prayer were declared unashamedly. Tears of relief seemed to be shed just to reawaken dried passion. Songs of worship remained constant to speak against a worrisome soul. And the native tongue ran rampant as if to rescue the weary heart. It was a sweet, sweet sound with which they arrived, and it is with a sweet, sweet sound that we lay our heads down tonight. Though very sweet, the sound just keeps getting louder.


©2016 Thrive