2016 Brazil Retreat | No Wonder We Call You the Savior

Many of us have our own agendas. Actually, I’d venture to say that all of us have our own agenda. But more often than not, our plans seem to change, our modes of comfortability slip from beneath us, and we find ourselves following the Spirit whisper that brought us out in the first place. But how wonderful it is that the same God who gently called us would tread the waters right next to us. Its no wonder we call Him Savior.

Our heads are full and our hearts are ready to receive all it is that God has for us this next week. We spent our last full day before the retreat begins serving at an orphanage in a neighboring city. It wasn’t too far down the road that the bus broke down, and our driver told us in broken English, “we can not go any further.” How silly it is to consider inconveniences in our lives to be negatives. I think we can all agree that some of the biggest blessings in life come when we are following the Lord’s agenda instead of our own. While we were on the side of the road, the Lord provided shade for us to rest under; He provided police to observe and protect us; He provided drivers to take us to where we needed to go; all the while, He remained fluent in our conversations with our sisters in Christ. It’s no wonder we call Him Savior.

Kids are a joy, and God loves each of them with an everlasting love. It was an incredible opportunity to meet and play with all of the children in the orphanage. The magnitude of the children’s joy brought so much gladness to our hearts. Their faces radiated as they told us story after story, each abounding in grace and hope and love. Jesus said to his disciples, “let the children come to me,” because He knew how eager the children sought and how steadfast they were to their King. He also told His disciples to “pray like children” who worry about nothing, for they know good and well that their Father will provide. Though we went to serve, I think we can all agree that we were served. It is a humbling thing when a mere child can demonstrate the love of Jesus so gracefully. God has created all of those children so unique. It’s no wonder we call Him Savior.

Our hearts are so full already and the retreat has yet to begin. We can’t even imagine all that God has planned for each of us as well as the attendees. How wonderful of a God we serve, that He cares to write a unique and personal story for every person on this trip. Wow, it’s no wonder we call Him Savior.


©2016 Thrive