2016 Brazil Retreat | A Holy Anticipation

“Duress is a gift. It is a great freedom to have nothing to hide. God’s deconstruction is one of his greatest mercies. On the other side of exposure is freedom, life, and the liberty of being wholly in the light”. – Dick Brogden, Live Dead Joy

How sweet it is to have the freedom to speak of our hurt to our Maker, and that He’d listen. How sweet it is that the King of Kings would sit at our bedside just to listen to us cry. And how sweet it is that the Creator of the Universe is gracious enough to write us into His grand plan. We are so blessed to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

So many stories have already been told, and the retreat has not even begun yet. Though pain and loss and grief pend in all of our hearts, we wait patiently, with a holy anticipation, because a real God with a real plan has a real answer for everything we will walk through.

There are things in life that we let happen to ourselves, and there are things that we don’t. But nevertheless, God is always there to pull us out. We have great expectation that He will do this for each of the attendees this week. Their needs far surpass anything many of us can comprehend, but our Father in Heaven has a name for every emotion that resides in their hearts.

So much planning and preparation have found their way into the last several months, and to see our hopes and prayers and dreams come too fruition is a gift. All we have left is to now humbly seek the truth and trust that God will do the rest.

©2016 Thrive


our volunteer team