Global Woman Highlight | Beth Eckstein

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Global Woman Highlight | Beth Eckstein
My name is Beth.  I love traveling, reading good books, deep conversations, and really strong coffee.  I am very passionate about reaching the unreached and desire to see every people group engaged with the gospel.  My husband and I have served in Asia with SEND International for more than 15 years.  Like most global workers I have worn many hats over the years-language student, stay at home mom, English teacher, and most recently life coach.  I am currently serving as the Director of Women’s Ministry for SEND International, and I am responsible to oversee the personal and professional development of the women in our organization. It is my privilege to walk with our women to help them live intentionally and accomplish the ministries God has called them to.


As fellow global workers, you know how to pray for women!  Pray for God to give me wisdom as I look for ways to empower them to thrive as they journey with Jesus.



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Beth makes her home in Taiwan with her husband Jon and their 2 children, Lindsay 13 and Jonathan 10. After 15 years and 7 international moves, she is ready to stay put for a while on her favorite island where she enjoys coffee with friends, good books, and walking with women in their journeys to Jesus. She works as a Christian life coach and as the director of women's ministries for SEND International. She is energized by helping women live intentional lives for the kingdom.

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