Global Woman Highlight | Kathleen Shumate

My name is Kathleen Shumate. The Lord brought me out of death into His life at age 18, and I soon felt Him calling me to share this light with others who walked in the same darkness as I had. I am married to Jonathan and we have three little ones (5, 3, 1) with another due in May!

We serve at Christ’s College in Taipei, Taiwan, teaching and ministering to students. I trained as a counselor in seminary and I get to use this background in a myriad of ways with the women around me. My main role now is nurturing and educating our children, and I rejoice in the many ways God uses our family to show the Gospel to our students and friends.

Our role is primarily that of equipping our students to be Christ’s ambassadors in their vocations and families, in a country where fewer than 3% of people identify as Christians and traditional religious beliefs are deeply rooted. We hope for these students to be future leaders, taking God’s truth to places only they can. Recently some of our students who learned how to study the Bible on their own for the first time were so moved that they decided to form a group to study and apply Biblical truth. Other students have spent a lot of time sharing family life with us and asking us about being Christian parents. We see God at work in their minds and hearts, spilling over into their lives.

Please pray that we would treasure Christ above all else, and rest in Him when we are weary. Pray that He would protect our marriage and family from the arrows of the enemy, and help us to love one another as He has loved us. Pray for our school, that we would follow God’s vision and plan, be effective in our pursuits, and rely wholly on Him. Pray for our students, that they would steadily grow in knowledge and wisdom of God, pure-hearted love for Him, and boldness to follow His calling in bringing the Gospel to bear in their culture.



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