Since ancient times no one has heard,
no ear has perceived,
no eye has seen any God besides you,
who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.

Isaiah 64:4


“What no eye has seen,

what no ear has heard,

and what no human mind has conceived”

    the things God has prepared for those who love him—

1 Corinthians 2:9


Sun-kissed tulips in Holland – every year or so we travel to Holland to witness the tulip fields come alive in multi-color splendour, an image of God colouring his love on the landscape of all humanity, one flower at a time.


God is an incomprehensible force of love toward and in all humanity.

~ Marjorie Speiser


taken from a true story…

It was an exciting day, the day Elena began questioning… what is the biggest revelation God gives of himself to humanity? She went to her Bible and turned to the beginning chapters. Elena read for about 5 minutes, then turned to the Gospels. She stayed there for another 5 minutes and went to the very end of the Bible and continued her reading.  Her emotions, her mind, her spirit alert now, gaining momentum as she pondered what she had read.

The Bible reveals consistently throughout Scripture that God is love, that is, that God is an incomprehensible force of love toward and in all humanity. Her heart started pounding. Not only this, God allows humanity, like our view of the universe, to have a small glimpse of Him. We don’t know everything about Him. On the other hand, God allows the entire world to see the immensity and fullness of His love. It is imprinted in the deepest part of each one of us!

Elena continued her meditation. This could be the most beautiful definition of the image of God. It is disguised as a yearning, almost like a seed that God implanted in us at the beginning of time. Elena struggled to put her thoughts into words. Each one of us has the need to be loved and each one of us has the opportunity to receive more love than we could ever comprehend. A perfect combination of need and fulfillment designed at the creation and there at the end of all time.

Tears came into her eyes as she discerned such simple yet profound truth. She began speaking to God in a language far different than any language on this earth. It wasn’t tongues, though it was a spiritual language…from God’s heart to hers, answering questions and affirming the direction her thoughts were taking her. God wants me to know Him, not through my intellect or study of Him. He is too big. God wants me to understand Him as love,  to receive His love, to build on His love,  to give his love away, and to allow it to be returned back to me even though I may not deserve it.

She continued her line of thought.  And even more importantly, God wants me to offer love to those who have hurt me, those who do not have the capability to give love in return. Even when cruelty, prejudice, persecution, slander, and shame is placed upon my shoulders, God gave an example of what love should look like…Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my Redeemer, my Friend…love in the image of complete and utter sacrifice.

As if she pondered these thoughts, marvelling at their beauty, she found her mediation of Scripture so fulfilling, so awe inspiring, so affirming of the image of God on her heart.  God wants me to understand love through His eyes, to know Him, to hear His message, not only as a God of love, but as a God that is love, active and present in my life. He is a Love that will never fail, never abandon, never leave. He gives all, sacrifices all, and loves all. This, Elena concluded, is the greatest revelation humanity could ever receive about God…and to share this message of love with others would be the highest calling one could ever embrace.

Prayer: Even when we are faithless, loveless, and even unlovable, you God are faithful, full of love and compassion, and completely accepting of us in our weakness. You simply yet so profoundly love us.  Help us to accept this love, recognize your image of love in us, love you with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and move toward giving your love in an unbiased way to all you bring across our path…whether lovable or not, faithful to us or not, accepting of us or not.


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