My husband and I have been global workers in Northeast Brazil for 43 years.  We have been involved in church planting and teaching pastors how to use the Bible training course for pastors and leaders in their local church.


Our most recent ministry has been to help new global workers Daniel and Sarah Ruley get settled.  This entails housing, language teachers, banking, registering with federal police, buying a car, and shopping.  Daniel visited Brazil in 1999 with his youth group and returned in 2004 to fulfill a college internship requirement.   In 2008 he returned with his wife to become acquainted with the land and people where they would serve.

When Daniel was raising support in churches, his 3-year-old son, Andrew, would ask the people if they had a credit card.  He thought he was asking if they had a prayer card.  He was a talker and a friend to all.  Upon arriving in Brazil he found that he could not talk to anyone and no one understood him.  This made him sad.  But he and his brother Zachary have now been in a school environment in the afternoon learning Portuguese right along with their parents.  Andrew is 6 and homeschooled by his mother in the morning.  Guess who their first convert was in Brazil?  Yes, their son!  Praise God.


Pray for Daniel and Sarah as they face new challenges each day.

Pray for my husband and me as we close our ministry here in Brazil in the next 1 ½ years and look to future ministry.



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