My name is Jeanie Stucky. My husband and I have been global workers in Northeast Brazil for 48 years. During all of these years we have been involved in church planting as well as various other ministries.  We have lived in 7 different places. We are presently living in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte.

We founded a camp in the interior, far from the city and modern conveniences in 1977. My husband directed the construction of the camp which was located on an island in a small lake. We then developed a camp program and conducted camps and retreats for youth, children, couples, men, and women. Since the weather is favorable all year, camps were conducted year-round. Many people were saved and many made other life changing decisions at camp. During that time, both my husband and I also taught at a Bible Institute in a village near the camp. What a blessing to see men and women who were trained there for the ministry through the years serving in churches, schools, and other ministries.

I home schooled our 3 children through 8th grade. Then they went to the city, 5 hours away, to attend a high school with MKs from many different organizations.

Now all three of our children are global workers. Our daughter and her husband served in Mali, West Africa; in Malaga, Spain and presently at the headquarters of their organization in the US. Both of our sons and their wives are serving in Brazil.

After working at the camp for 17 years, the Lord led us to work in a city, first to found a church and then a school together with our 2 sons. There are more than 350 children from pre-school through 9th grade at the Alpha Educational Center. Many come from unsaved homes and we have many opportunities to share the gospel, teach Christian principles, and counsel the children, their parents, and even the teachers.

Presently I am the coordinator of the Bible classes at Alpha. I also help the Brazilians who are teaching English classes improve their grammar and pronunciation so they can be excellent teachers.

One of my greatest joys is having input in my grandchildren’s lives. Six of them have grown up right here in the same town in which we live. Two of them have always lived far away but thanks to e-mail and Skype, we have been able to keep contact with them on a regular basis. Three of our grandchildren are now in college in the US and it won’t be long until others will join them!

Pray for me to always serve the Lord faithfully and use every opportunity to share the love Jesus with whomever he places in my path.



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