Attendees came to the Dubai retreat hoping for a break from work and daily responsibilities (many are young moms). They came with a hunger for connection, laughter, and desiring to enjoy the self care options. They came wanting to be reminded that they are known, seen, and valued; desiring to be still and hear His voice anew.

On one day or another, each of these areas were covered in 30 Days of Prayer. God abundantly and gently poured out his Spirit. Join me in praising Him for His faithfulness and goodness!

CALL:  One attendee summarized her work in the Middle East as: “We are called, it is hard, and He is good.”

A volunteer shared: “One attendee was asked to leave for her safety. She’s in danger, close to ISIS. My first reaction to hearing her story was relief, but she grieved and cried. I admired her dedication to the calling and people group amidst challenges.”


PRAYER:  Another attendee said: “I was SO moved by the 30 Days of Prayer that I read even before I got here. Then, I cried when I saw my name in it!”

A volunteer shared: “We had some special times in the prayer room…from tears and Kleenex to one gal breaking out in song.”

SELF-CARE:  A volunteer said: “Stories that impacted me included those with real danger; bombs going off, fear for children. Yet we saw attendees having fun and being joyful in the hair room. It was a nice contrast, a lightness to the heavy burdens they carry.”

BE STILL:  One attendee shared: “I arrived dry and cracked like a desert floor. I needed worship, teaching, and fellowship; most importantly I needed time alone with Jesus.”

HE SEES ME:  Another attendee said: “Coming here, I felt like I’d lost myself as I was always serving or giving. The Lord impressed upon me a couple of times through different things that He has called me by name. I had some money stolen from me on the way to the retreat and a lady who replaced the money for me said, ‘He knows your name.’ It just reaffirmed for me that He still cares.”

WORSHIP:  An attendee said: “I was so touched by the song ‘It is Well’. That is a song that, almost every night for the last 3 months, I woke up singing. It is something the Lord has been speaking to me and using. When the wind and waves keep coming, He is saying, ‘I can calm these.’ About the huge mountains that have been in front of us, He says, ‘I can just throw these into the sea.’ Coming here and singing, I was reminded, yes, Lord, you are walking with me. You still see me and care.”

This song was an anthem of praise. It started off the first day uncertain and crescendoed to a beautiful choir the last day.

Another attendee shared: “The singing and prayers were healing even when I needed to just listen.”

CALM:  One attendee shared: “This has been a ‘calm in our storms’…it has been a wonderful ‘oasis’”.



Prayer team, He answered and will continue to answer our prayers on behalf of these women.

Thank you for impacting the growth of His Kingdom,

Debbie Suits

Author of 30 Days of Prayer


©2016 Thrive