Global Woman Highlight | Amanda du Plessis

Hi, I’m Amanda. A South African Amanda. And so is my husband Wim. Two young adults in their twenties bring colour to our lives.

By now you’ve unwrapped your Christmas presents, used some, cherished some or maybe even given away some. Our journey has been pretty much unwrapping, discovering, cherishing, using, and giving away. In the fourteen years in Belgium with Youth With A Mission (the international organisation we serve with) and our local Church, Vineyard Brussels we’ve been learning to walk in the newness of life, digging deep to see with the eyes of our heart, to think and speak differently.

We’ve come to accept that we are a handicapped family, being slowed down by our daughter’s special challenges, valuing the journey, and the slow. So we invite others to walk and discover with us by formally and informally sharing our stories, listening to theirs, praying, encouraging, and having focus groups. Creative expression runs like a thread through what we do.

Being honest about working and playing, standing and falling, laughing and crying, winning and losing those around us seem to be able to identify. And God uses our imperfections to draw us all to him, giving hope and joy. Joy is not very evident where we live.

The Word and a cup of tea first thing in the morning wakes me up. Experiencing nature by strolling, jogging or cycling, a good book or story (and a pretty magazine), stringing letters and words, playing with paint and the click of a camera are some of my favourite things.

Thank you for praying for us (especially me) for a greater hunger to see and recognise God moment by moment and to respond to his nudging with courage.


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