Day 24 | 30 Days of Prayer | Dubai

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Day 24 | 30 Days of Prayer | Dubai
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______________________ DAY 24 – ABIDING IN HIM______________________

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.

John 15:5

Today we pray for attendees: Tina and Shelley

Lord, we pray that each lady will remain deeply in You, your Word, and in intercession; may they experience intimacy in Your presence. The areas many are working in are arid, physically and spiritually. Our desire is that they grow in every fruit of the Spirit regardless of their situations, due to You being their root. If they are feeling worn down, burned-out, cynical, and hardened, Spirit would You revive them and their faith. May their time at the retreat be the start of this renewal. We ask for an outpouring of Your Spirit, resulting in praise and thankfulness!

The attendees are in route to the hotel today and tomorrow. May they have peace and protection, sensing your presence with them in every connection. Please bring everyone on time along with their luggage and good health.

Djibouti is a hot, dry desert enclave between Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. Some have called it “Hell’s waiting room”. It is Africa’s third smallest state, a haven of calm in a stormy region. It is also a key base for Christian witness. We pray Lord that the present freedoms may not be eroded by the politics of the Horn of Africa nor by the Islamist voice which gets louder as the economic situation declines. The only legally recognized Protestant witness is that of the French Protestant Church, which began in 1960. This group has given hospitality to Ethiopian, Malagasy, and local believer groups and agencies entering those countries. We pray for continued effective cooperation and unity among Christians. Global work is a tough challenge in this hot, dry but often humid land; working conditions are extreme. We pray for ministries of education, public health, literature, Bible translation, literacy, and youth work. We pray that contacts may lead to disciples for Jesus. Ethiopian refugees are often destitute–many are Orthodox Christian. We pray for their lively congregations that they be both relevant and effective in their witness.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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