Global Woman Highlight | Ewien van Bergeijk

My name is Ewien and my husband and I have been living and working for CAMA in West-Africa since 2004. We share a mutual passion for God, travel, young people, and technology. I like to use my passion for video/photography in practical ways that are close to my heart and that will support Africans. It is my way of showing Gods beauty wherever we go. Read more of our story on

“Capturing Hope in daily life, self-taught Dutch photographer, Ewien van Bergeijk, uses photography to raise awareness and funds for projects in West-Africa. Building relationships with people forms the foundation of her art. Currently, she and her husband are working from Senegal, but are travelling intensively throughout the year.”

For the latest video clip of the Senegalese singer, Cissa ( we were asked to film with our drone. The theme of the song (Voyage/Journey) and the beautiful locations (desert and wide sand plains) formed a perfect setting for this unique piece of technical engineering. The atmosphere was particularly special, despite a super-hot and intensive day of shooting. The non-Christian production team we were collaborating with later sent a cell phone message in which they thanked Cissa for the memorable time that was filled with an unusual peace and light. It is not about the work we do, but the way we do things will reflect God’s Love.

You can pray for all our travels and safety on the road. That we may carry Gods Light with us, wherever we go, and that we can make a difference. Balancing work and life isn’t always easy, but may we find Rest and Peace in all of that. Our prayer for 2016 is to better hear Gods Voice and know where He wants us to be focussing on. Safety in general in West-Africa is something you can all pray for.


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