When I was growing up in Africa as the child of MKs who met in Africa, I loved the heritage that had been passed to me, but I didn’t know where God would call me personally. I was very aware that the whole world is the Lord’s and everything in it–He could call me anywhere! I went to university for a degree in biology, then nursing, and finally a masters in nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner, thinking I could use it wherever God had planned for me.

When my family was clearly called back to Africa 7 years ago, it seemed so perfect! Life coming full circle. I worked in a community clinic and taught chaplaincy and AIDS in the ministry at a seminary, falling in love with the people of Africa all over again. Then God mysteriously moved  and we followed, to live in an African mega-city where I now serve Christian workers in 11 countries as a medical coordinator. I perform too many different roles to describe here, but it is all with the singular goal of keeping front-line workers healthy and equipped to live on the front lines with their families. In this way, I make my Savior’s glory known among many nations, even while I join my husband in his work with national university students and get to occasionally do health teaching among nationals.

Since my work involves being “on-call” for years at a time, with all the ebbs and flows of medical needs, please pray for good balance between work, ministry, and caring for my 4 children. Pray that my compassion would not waiver, even as I support workers at their most challenging times, and that God would give me the gift of discernment and wisdom as I make medical decisions.


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