Hi, I’m Nellie.

I am a volunteer aerobics and nutrition/health instructor! I’m newly married and love the people in my community and hearing about their lives! My job is training a class of 20-30 women a couple of times a week.  We spend about 30 minutes in aerobics and strength training exercises, then we have a 15-20 minute nutrition or health lesson covering things from dimensions of wellness to information about diseases and disease prevention.

Where I live this is the first time that most of the women have ever received this information.  It’s exciting to share with them and to hear the women come back and tell us how this information is changing their lives. I lead this class in one of the dining areas in our compound, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and flat dry land in the Middle East.

Please pray for my marriage, as we serve together in our compound, that we will continue to have God teach us the balance between team dynamics, our service, our marriage, and our families back at home. Pray also, that I will have patience and humility in all aspects of life from relationships, work, cultural differences, and so on.  Pray that I will be able to receive wisdom and discernment as I have more religious conversations and studies with women in my community.  Pray that I will always put God on the throne in my life and seek Him above all else.


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