Global Woman Highlight | Marjie Heier

My name is Marjie Heier.  I’m a board certified family practice physician practicing in rural Zambia.  We are in a desolate and very poor area of Zambia.  We serve a population of about 10,000, many of whom had never seen a physician before I came.  We treat all sorts of diseases including HIV, malnutrition, malaria, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

We are blessed to be able to sponsor other physicians who come to help We have had an eye clinic, where we remove cataracts and insert prosthetic lenses, to restore vision, dentists, and other specialists.

Please pray that we could have the peace and energy needed as our clinic grows and we serve more and more people.  Pray that we will be able to raise the money for a much needed addition to the clinic.  Please also pray that we’d be able to recruit staff, both local and foreign, who could help us!

Thank you so very much!


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