Get all these words that I’m giving you inside you. Listen to them obediently. Make them your own. And now go.

Ezekiel 3:10 (The Message)


It had been a somewhat difficult six-day road-trip upcountry, as I visited some of the folks with whom God has connected me for ministry. I wasn’t sure what to make of it all and desired to hear from God. As I returned to Nairobi God dropped this very real vision into my spirit. I walked as a child through the crowded alleyways of Kenya and struggled to maneuver in the midst of chaos, filth, and evil. Jesus was right beside me, holding my hand and guiding me. A bit later, while on the back of a motorbike taxi and bouncing down the pothole-filled road, there was this spectacular rainbow! Surely he speaks to us if we will only tune in our spirits to His still, small voice.


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