My name is JJ. My husband and I and our 2 children currently live and work in the horn of Africa. We live in a rather small city. My husband does work in the countryside with animals, as well as water well projects. I work with refugee ladies in the city. In a small apartment we teach desperate and poor woman how to make jewelry from paper, how to make bread, and how to sew.  I am in charge of the sewing portion of the project and I teach these women the basic skills of sewing. The objective of this project is to give these women the basic skill of sewing so that they then can start their own business sewing local dress.

I would like to ask for prayer for the next steps for my family. We are currently working through what our next term will look like and we want to follow the Lords leading in all we do. We want to look towards the future but always living in the here and now. Pray that we can do this wisely and that we can see the Lord guiding every step we make.


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