Hi, I’m Sandi and my husband and I are working in Cental Asia with a Humanitarian Aid and Relief Organization, utilizing aircraft to meet the needs of people living in some of the remotest areas of the world.  We have 4 aircraft in country that fly other NGO workers out into small villages with medicines, food, and well drilling tools as well as teachers, etc.

I work in our office most days helping my husband and the staff with different projects.  Studying the national language with local teachers is keeping my old brain challenged!  I also enjoy providing hospitality to workers coming through our city headed out to the villages and other towns or housing our pilots and/or their families when they are overnighting.

My prayer requests would be for safety and security for our team as they live and work in this country.  We also hope to be getting our flight permits renewed here soon.  Please pray that all the details would come together by the end of November.  We are thankful for great health!  Pray that we continue to see the Father’s spirit at work in the lives of the people here.


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