Hello! I’m Kaylee and I’m a wife and mom to three girls. Originally from the Northwest, God relocated our family to Bolivia four and a half years ago. Two years ago, after finishing Spanish study, we started working and living on a Spanish-speaking campus where my husband and I are part of a local and ex-pat team, training South American believers to be cross-cultural workers. My husband teaches in a formal setting while my interaction with the students is much more informal but includes a weekly discipleship time with a student or student couple. My main job during this season is teaching our three girls who are all in elementary grades.

We are currently on home assignment and will be in the US for 8 months. We are so thankful for our team of family, friends, and supporters. They have helped with our transition and have made us feel at ease as we settle into life here. Please pray for the endurance we need to complete everything on our agenda and that we would also find some good time for rest. Pray for our team in Bolivia and the current students as they do life together. Pray that we would be encouraged and ready to return to the field at the end of our time here.


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