City on a Hill

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City on a Hill
  Picture Praise Photography by: Stacey Rocque        


You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

Matthew 5:14

Some friends and I were walking through Piața Mare playing tour guides to out-of-country guests. We wanted to show off the beauty of Romania to our visitors. We chose the perfect time of evening to walk around the center of Sibiu because the light faded beautifully in these shades of blue. The darkening sky, together with the lit buildings, caused me to stop and capture this photo with my phone.


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Stacey Roque has been serving in Sibiu, Romania for one year with One Challenge. She joined One Challenge in 2011 after leaving her high-paced job in Washington, DC. Stacey has started working with her local church in Romania with the young adults, starting an English tutoring program, and is involved in a nation-wide research project on the growth of the evangelical church in Romania.

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