Global Woman Highlight | Margaret Clevenger

Hi! I’m Margaret Clevenger and I work in Carpi, Italy with Avant Ministries. Carpi is a town in North-central Italy (not to be confused with the island of Capri where tourists go). I’ve been in Italy for 15 years.

My main responsibilities right now are teaching three Bible studies for ladies (in Italian) and a Sunday school class for children (usually in English) each week. I also help my husband with other Bible studies and visiting people as we tell unbelievers the gospel and start a church with the people who are already believers. Because of this, I am involved with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Please pray for me to continue growing in the Lord. Pray for me to communicate the truth of the Bible clearly and accurately to the people I teach, visit, and come into contact with in daily life. Please pray for me to balance my responsibilities and manage my time well. I try to be available as much as possible for others, but sometimes I let my own tasks get behind and then end up feeling very frustrated. And pray for me as I try to be a godly and involved mother for my young adult children in the U.S.


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