____________________ DAY 11 – SPEAKER/WORSHIP____________________

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The precepts of the Lord are right giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving life to the eyes.

Psalm 19:7–8

Father, I/we thank you that Barb Larsen is coming as the speaker to Rimini. Her passion for the Word runs deep, along with her heart for women on the field. Lord, please guide her every thought, guard her from distractions, help her focus, and give her insights as she prepares as well as during her talks. Grant her the gift of discernment, extreme sensitivity, and responsiveness to Your Spirit’s guidance.

Dear God, I/we also lift up Kerri as she leads the women in worship and I/we pray for unity in the worship team. Thank you for music, which is a balm to our souls and connects us deeply with You. For those women who are exhausted and dry, may the music and words fall gently upon them and bring new life to their spirits.

Our prayer is that each time Your Word is sung, prayed, or taught at the retreats, that it will revive the ladies’ souls and give them joy in their hearts. May they leave with eyes that are bright with hope, love, and purpose.

Lord, I/we want to lift up the country of Spain. The transformation of Spain since 1974 is astonishing–from dictatorship to liberty, poverty to wealth, isolation to integration into Europe, and religious discrimination to rampant secularism. There is a spiritual vacuum which is being filled by secularism and materialism–there has not been the longed-for turning to a personal relationship to Christ as religious freedom has increased. Foreign cults and the occult have increased–with mediums, astrology, and parapsychology having a high profile. Drugs and gambling are also on the uprise. Lord, I/we pray for spiritual power, love, wisdom, and God prepared opportunities, along with perseverance, for all seeking to minister to these people bound by Satan’s wiles and quite uninterested in and apathetic toward Christ and His Word.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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