Writing the 30 Days of prayer is like starting to write a musical piece (although I’m not particularly musical!). It begins with whatever the Spirit brings to mind, then starts to be sung by the prayer warriors such as yourselves, and the volunteers.  When the retreat begins it carries over to the attendees and is a deep, while gentle, melody that interacts with the uniqueness of every woman present.  I feel like the follow-up is a crescendo of praise and thanksgiving to the Director of it all!

We prayed (Day 3) that the Word penetrate deeply and that worship be a balm to their spirits.

“At the end of the worship just now during the last session of the retreat attendee Kathryn Winrow said,” Did you hear that?  We all got our song back.  We didn’t sing like that the first night!”
Day four “Lead them to encounters with people who care to know their story.”  One of the attendees said,” I got to talk this week about my life overseas.  I got to uncork.  No one said “Okay, that’s enough.” No one looked at me with glossed over eyes.  I could express myself in ways I haven’t been able to in so long.  Thank you for uncorking me!”
Along the same lines, a volunteer shared, “I’m always overwhelmed at how little it takes to make a difference in the life of a global woman…an attendee said “You called me by my name!” That makes a mark.
Day 21 we prayed for the women as they went to the clothing boutique, and to “accept your delight in them”.    One of the volunteers in the boutique shared that the first day several ladies came but left without anything saying “I don’t need anything”.  The second day they returned and chose several items.  ” It was obvious the Lord had worked on them so quickly and they felt it, they knew the sincerity of it.  They received it.  They realized so much more who they are in Christ and began to feel beautiful in His eyes.”
In conclusion, an attendee said:
“This week has been restorative in so many ways.  Every detail ministers to what we need.  We have fullness of joy and have received so many pleasures this week.”
Thank you Jesus!  We give you all the praise.  May these ladies continue to walk with renewed strength and hope as they have returned to their homes and ministries.
Thankful with you,
Debbie Suits
Author of 30 Days of Prayer
©2015 Thrive