Today we pray for…

Attendees: Naomi and Rhonda

Lord Jesus, may these women’s work be produced because of faith, their labor be prompted by love and their endurance be inspired by hope in their Lord Jesus Christ (I Thessalonians 1:3).

Being “called”, raising funds, moving to the foreign country, and language school can take a couple of years – expectations, hopes, and passions run high. Oftentimes, once past the “honeymoon” stage, reality can look/feel distinctly different than one dreamed it would. It takes a humble, moldable, flexible spirit to allow God to redefine ministry. Lord we pray You soothe surprised/shocked hearts, broken dreams/expectations and help them embrace what may seem like mundane reality. Help them come honestly to You with their anger, resentment, puzzlement, and confusion. In the midst of it all, remind them of their specialness, uniqueness, and purpose in knowing You more than what they can or can’t DO for You.

We pray for traveling mercies as the ladies are in route to the hotel. Bring them on time so that they enjoy the entirety of the retreat.

Guinea, a country of almost 12 million in West Africa, was rocked by the Ebola outbreak last year. We pray that the response by many Christian organizations in helping the country as well as the local Christian community will be used by the Spirit to reach hearts. While the church is growing in Guinea, it faces a Muslim majority.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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