To say that Thrive retreats are saturated in prayer is an understatement.

We have 950 subscribers to 30 Days of Prayer, which is currently on Day 25 and will continue through the end of the retreat.

Volunteers and others in their spheres of influence have spent countless hours preparing for this retreat on their knees. At breakfast, Susan Wishert shared that her pastor in Houston contacted her this morning to say that a group of people gathered today to pray specifically for the arrival of our guests in Colorado.

Since arriving, our volunteer team has spent one to two hours each day praying for our guests this week.

We anticipate that our guests’ own friends and families are praying for them this week, and that these ladies are also praying expectantly that God would do something specific for them this week.

And then, we expect that over the next 72 hours, our global women guests will be prayed over individually six to eight times at least. They are prayed over during a time of personal sanctuary, in small group settings, and at the end of many of their self-care appointments—for example, after they’ve gotten haircuts, pedicures, and counseling.

At an earlier retreat this year, Lisa, who works in Thailand, told us, I’ve been to conferences with my agency, and I’ve been to—and hosted—lots of other retreats since I work in member care [for global workers]. But this retreat feels different, and I can tell that difference is the amount of prayer that went into it.

Would you pray for the 51 women arriving at the hotel over the next hour? Ask God to meet them, speak to them, give them rest, heal their hurts, give them direction, and delight in them and show them their value as treasured daughters of the King. And Holy Spirit, lead us in praying for them in specific ways when we don’t know how to pray.

It’s exciting to know that geographical distance doesn’t exclude anyone from being involved in what God is doing this week in Breckenridge!


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