Awake, My Soul

Posted on: July 08, 2015 Written by
Awake, My Soul
    Photography by: Jackie Scott      

Awake, my soul! … I will awaken the dawn.

Psalm 57:8

My husband and I did an early morning prayer hike on this gorgeous early spring morning, awakening the dawn, feeling very small, pleading with God over this Central Asian city where we’ve lived for many years…asking Him to come and heal the fledgling church, to rescue those in such darkness, and to flow through those who are His here.


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I grew up in the US in a Ukrainian Catholic family, was captivated by God at age 12; became an RN, got my BS, then some years later my MA in Leadership Studies. We started our cross cultural lives in South America in 1986, then lived in Central Asia, then Thailand. We now base out of Central Asia. Recently certified by the International Coach Federation as a Life Coach, I lead small groups (on-line and face to face) doing “Journey coaching”. Presently, I’m privileged with co-leading a non-profit in the Mid-Asia region with my husband. We have 4 adult kids living and working in the US.

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