My name is Bethany Bracht. I am loved by God. I am the wife of my amazing husband, Jeff. I am the mom and homeschool teacher to my three miracles: Andrew, Ella, and Noah. I am a friend to lovely women that spur me on toward love, growth, and good deeds! I surrendered to the Lord when I was 18 and have been journeying with Him ever since! I enjoy glorifying God through writing, photography, and being as ‘real and transparent’ as I can be with others even it means sharing ‘my crazy.’

I’m ‘wife’, ‘mother’, and ‘friend’ here in Nicaragua. My husband teaches at a veterinary school in the capital city of Managua. We serve through Christian Veterinary Mission and as it goes for many cross-cultural workers–we wear many hats! We have a passion for caring for the ex-pat/missionary community especially in the area of marriage and family.

Please pray that my strength will be renewed in the Lord and that I’d allow him to ‘make me lie down in green pastures’ to rest. The last 4.5 years living and serving cross-culturally in a culture that smacks hard against my personality has left me depleted and weary. Please pray as I work through what it means to ‘die to self’ and ‘live for Christ’. Please pray as my husband and I (along with our children) seek clarity and counsel regarding the next steps in life/ministry.


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