Global Woman Highlight | Karen Foster

I’m Karen Compressible Flexible Foster (in light green in the picture).  That’s Compressible from the times I share the front passenger seat of a taxi with a coworker (who is less compressible), and Flexible because, well, Africa is so good at flexing and if you don’t bend you break!  At 26 years in central Africa, I’m still learning to go with the flow that God gives, which often isn’t what I had in mind.

Currently I’m part of a church equipping team that has just opened a Bible institute to train pastors and church planters in Cameroon.  A few of us are preparing for classes for the students’ wives to begin in July and would appreciate prayer that the level of the studies, the schedule, the languages used for teaching and interpretation, and each lady’s heart would be just right for what God wants them to learn.  There will be 25 learners with only a few having been to school before and three languages involved.


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