When crowded by needs,

When trusting is tough,

When all that we have

Seems like never enough.


When desperately stuck,

It’s almost as if,

The total we have

Is five loaves and two fish.


Not held by our rules,

Not bound by our needs,

And not unaware

Of the mouths left to feed—


You already know,

But ask us to fix

The problem You’ll solve

With our loaves and two fish.


Lord, help us to serve,

And teach us to trust;

The challenge at hand

Is far bigger than us.


We may never have

The means we would wish,

But faith is enough

With five loaves and two fish.


When we are distressed,

Remind us again:

It’s not enough now,

It was not enough then.


We’re waiting by faith,

We don’t want to miss

The wonder You’ll work

With our loaves and two fish!


Backstory to “When We Don’t Have Enough”

The team around the conference table would soon launch into the serious discussions that had brought us together. First, however, we each gave a personal update on our life and ministry in different corners of the globe. As the newest member of the team, it was my first time meeting some of these colleagues in person.

One of the leaders shared about renovations in the corporate office, how they had minimized costs (a noteworthy topic for a room full of finance people!), and what painting she had chosen for the redesigned space. She had selected a painting on the theme of the feeding of the five thousand, which now hung prominently. She wanted the reminder that—though we never seem to have enough people or finances—it is God’s work, and He provides.

That night I came to Mark 6 in my personal devotions and wrote this poem as I reflected. How often I need the reminder to look to the Lord when I do not have enough!


Question to consider: How do you see God at work with your “loaves and two fish”?


©2015 Thrive.