Global Woman Highlight | Frances Ross

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Global Woman Highlight | Frances Ross

Hi my name is Frances.

My family and I served in Cochabamba, Bolivia for four years. My husband and I were orphanage administrators for a year and a half. We led a small group and a college group for two years. I led a Women’s Bible Study for two years. My husband set up and managed a guest house and worked on getting his pilot’s license to (in the future, Lord willing) be a missionary pilot. We also adopted a baby girl.

Because of circumstances and exhaustion we returned to the US in September of 2014. I would ask that you would pray…

  • For me and my family as we transition back to life in the US. It seems like my most difficult times are when I least expect it. It has only been seven months since we were in Bolivia and it feels like a lifetime ago and a world ago.
  • For our finances as it is difficult moving from country to country and setting up a home.
  • For our adoption here on the US side.


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  • Shay

    Love you Frances and your beautiful clan! So happy to have had the opportunity to serve with you guys and do life together for two of your four years in Bolivia. We continue to pray for your transition – been there done that!

    • Vada

      Love you