I am a product of God’s creativity in design and my parent’s love for one another – it was a team effort to bring Belinda into this world!

I serve with Youth With A Mission (www.ywam.org) and our University of the Nations (www.uofn.edu) as a member of the international college committee for the College of Arts & Sports. In that capacity I supervise over 30 Schools of Worship in over 20 nations around the world. I ensure that our courses are offered with consistent quality and curriculum while being contextual per nation. The best part of my service is to coach and mentor young worship leaders all over the globe! I travel monthly to different locations internationally.

Making the adjustment to relocate to my passport country (US) has been a challenge!  Since what I do with YWAM is international in focus I have had a deeper need to develop a good home base structure with YWAM locally and with my church.  My biggest “need” would be friends locally here in the US.  My second biggest need is a broader base of financial partners.  When I relocated to the US 18 months ago a number of my supporters felt it was a good time to conclude their support.


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